Sunday, June 15, 2008


Pick a handful of "rich-media" ads from the web and what do you find in common?

Pretty images. Clever copy.
Clever copy. Pretty images.
Still more pretty images and clever copy.


What could be a powerful tool to create change in the prospect mindset is used to trumpet "Buy Me". Naturally, not too many people care to buy.

Rich-media needs to change before it can drive change.
The question is, how?

Jay, from Bangalore

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e-Media 2.0 said...

Great question!

I think rich-media has to be positioned in a way that sparks or "engages" user interactivity, either through viral marketing campaign(s) across several different platforms OR afford the user with carte-blanche buying power through easier 2.0 applications.

I agree, cool ads, pretty pictures, etc. most times = zero dollars, which isn't good for ROI.

more to come ...